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F30/32/36 G20 G22/ A90-91 Supra 340-440-440GC

So you bought a car with the legendary B58 , and you want the unleash it's potential. We have you covered! MHD, Bootmod3 , and ecutek are fully supported

Upgraded turbo Custom tune / required if your BMW has aftermarket turbos

Re|flex or AIC/2 port injection custom tune paired with your boosted BMW custom tune

Custom Flex Fuel tunes on BM3 Custom rom enabled BMWs

At HTE Performance Tuning, we're not just about enhancing your vehicle's performance; we're about elevating your driving experience. Specializing in the BMW B58, our services cater to a wide range of models, from the spirited 340i and luxurious 740i to the dynamic Z4 M40i and the iconic A90/A91 Supra.

Our commitment to high customer priority and support ensures a responsive and personalized service, promising fast revisions and a tuning solution tailored to your unique needs.

Custom Tuning for Every Driving Scenario

Whether you're seeking a reliable daily driving map or an aggressive "kill" map for the track, HTE Performance Tuning has you covered. Our expertise spans across a variety of fuel types including full E85, race gas, 91 or 93 octane. Your performance goals are within reach.

Leveraging industry-leading tuning software like bootmod3, MHD, and EcuTek, along with support for Re|flex and MaxxECU for port injection tuning, we offer comprehensive tuning solutions. Our services include tuning adjustments, revisions, and datalog review, ensuring your vehicle not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Confidence in our tuning comes from not just our technology, but our experience. As a testament to our expertise, our daily driven shop car  is an 800WHP 440i. Our tunes will meet your needs, offering fine calibration to extract the maximum potential from your B58 engine, regardless of whether it's a stock motor or a fully built racing powerhouse.

Why Choose HTE Performance Tuning?

Expert Calibration: Tailored tuning for stock or built motors, and stock or upgraded transmissions.

Versatile Fuel Maps: Support for multiple fuel types and methanol injection, ensuring optimal performance in any condition.

Advanced Tools:

Utilization of bootmod3, MHD, EcuTek, Reflex, and MaxxECU .

Responsive Customer Support:

Fast revisions and dedicated support to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Proven Success:

Real-world proof of our tuning expertise, with personal and customer vehicles achieving remarkable power levels.

Custom tunes for stock and hybrid turbos, fuel system upgrades, Ethanol mix tunes, you name it , we have it all!

Wether you want to dyno tune it, or road tune, we will cater for your needs, all is included in the tune package.

Supported  vehicles :

F30/F31/F34 340i

G20 340i

F32/F33/F36 440i

G22/G23/G26 440i

G30/G31 540i

G11/G12 740i

G14/G15/G16 840i

G01 X3 M40i

G02 X4 M40i

G05 X5 xDrive40i

G06 X6 xDrive40i

G07 X7 xDrive40i

G29 Z4 M40i

A90/A91 Supra

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