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E46 Tuning

NA E46 M3 Tune


Retune your E46 M3 for increased power, performance and emissions compliance!

Supercharged E46 M3 Tune


Whether your supercharger kit is custom made, off the shelf, upgraded for more boost , or wanting to run different fuel, we have what it takes to take your build to the next level to properly and safely tune your car to it's fullest potential!

Custom Turbo Tune - Stock ECU


Have you've created your own custom turbo kit, or would like to run an existing kit on your stock ecu with all the factory like drivability, we have what it takes to tune your car and have it work just like stock! With variable boost options, two map (power levels) and stock like behavior when not in boost, we are the best in the business to get your project turbo car going !

E46-E39 330-325/530-525 NA Tune


Looking for more performance our of you inline 6 BMW? Installed an aftermarket intake or headers? Look no further!

E46 330-325 Turbo Tune


Boosted our E46? Need a custom tune? We got what you need!

Standalone ECU NA


Ready to take your race car to the next level? Running standalone engine management and need someone to carefully craft a custom tune to give your track/road weapon the performance it deserves? Look no further we have you covered. Our extensive expertise is put at your disposal to calibrate your engine management calibrations to run and behave just like stock when your driving on the road, and put down the heat on track when it needs to. Link,EcuMasters,MaxxEcu, Syvecs,AEM,Vems, Megasquirt etc.. we have it all and we've done it all.