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E9x Tuning

The Iconic E9x chassis was a great Era for bmw, from theĀ  astounding N52 NA engines, to legendary twin Turbo N54 to the screaming V8 that lives in the E9x M3s, we have all you custom tuning needs covered!

E9x -E6x 330 -530 -325 - 328 -6- 525 - 528 Performance Tunes


Want to add some NA performance to your car? We got you covered!

E92 M3 performance tune


Our Custom E92 M3 tune truly wakes up the S65 and puts it on another level of performance, an extra 40-60 whp on tap from a retune depending on your mods!

E9x -E8x -E6x/ 335-135- 535 Tuning


The legendary twin Turbo N54 has all the potential to make massive amounts of power. We have all your custom tuning needs covered! Our advantage being that we own and race a single turbo 335, that makes a reliable 720whp on pump gas and meth.