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F-series Tuning

F30 335 N55 PWG/EWG


We have a lot of love for the N55 platform. The refinement and reliability that the this platform brought was legendary, and have what it takes to get your F3X car performing as good as it look, thru our bespoke custom tunes.

F8x Custom Tune


Ah the S55, a stock motor capable of 600+ whp is no joke!

F30/32/36 G20 G22/ A90-91 Supra 340-440-440GC


So you bought an F Series with the legendary B58 , and you want the unleash it's potential. We have just what you need!

N13 Custom Tune


Unleash the extra power with a custom tune for your N13 powered BMW! Hybrid turbos, alternative fuels, custom Bm3 Tuning is what we do!